Thorax duns, Funnel duns and emergers

Despite the popularity of the fancier dry fly patterns, the very simple hackle flies remain as effective as they always were, especially in the smaller sizes. Good for grayling as well as trout.

These can potentially be any combination of colours. I do the following as standard but if you want something else please tell me.

All patterns on this page will be delivered on BARBLESS hooks until you tell me otherwise.
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A pattern wich is gaining popularity. Reminiscent of a reduced Irish dabbler.

3 variations offered - please ask for : HARE, OLIVE, RED TAIL

List code HJ      12 14 16 18     0.95



This method of dressing the hackle creates a distinct thoraxwith the hackle spread above the hook shank so that it sits down in the water. The body is feather herl.

Grizzle, brown, olive, black.

List code HP      14 16     0.95

Funnel dun black Funnel dun grizzle Funnel dun brown Funnel dun olive

Funnel duns

The simplest of upside-down dry flies. I tie these with a stripped-quill body which aids buoyancy. They create a very natural-looking 'footprint' on the surface of the water.

Black, brown*, olive, grizzle.

The brown might be a red game or a Greenwell hackle depending on current stock.

List code HQ      14 16 18 20     0.95

Below is a funnel dun in action. The hackle and tail are carefully angled to ensure that it floats with the hook point upward.

Emerger grizzle Emerger olive Emerger PT


these are dry flies which sit with there bodies below the surface - like a Klinkhamer but simpler. They all have a rib which simulates gas pockets carried by the insect and a tail shuck. If you don't want the shuck it is easy to clip off.

Grizzle, olive, pheasant tail offered as standard but again, let me know if you would prefer some other combination.

List code HE      12 14 16 18     0.75